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iNtervalTunes - What do you want to hear?iNtervalTunes - What do you want to hear?

iNtervalTunes is an iPhone/iPod Touch App for listening to your music synchronized to your workout. Create intervals, create a playlist for each interval, and sweat. And when you're sweating, iNtervalTunes tells you when an interval is about to end, begin, and how long the interval is to last. Apple iTunes And every 5 minutes it tells you how much longer you have to go in the interval. iNtervalTunes lets you focus on the road ahead, not your iPhone's screen.

iPhone SDK Programming: A Beginner's Guide

This is a great computer book that I loved writing. I use InterfaceiPhone SDK Programming: A Beginner's Guide Builder throughout rather than using code. This is something the other iPhone books don't really do. See, back in the 90's I was quite the Visual Basic programmer and so I like visual programming environments.

The book is post iPhone OS 3.0 and so it covers Core Data and the newer multimedia classes. It takes a numbered, tutorial approach to learning. But even though it is a beginner's book, I don't cheat you by ommitting common, yet difficult, tasks like placing a table in a navigation controller, in a tab controller. But I do keep the examples simple, and don't try to show multiple concepts in one example. If you wish learning iPhone iPod Touch development, this is the book for you. iPhone SDK Programming, Objective-C, Interface Builder


iStockMonkey - Beating Wall Street one banana at a time.

So I was dabbling in stocks but had no idea what stock to buy. Then I remembered the oft-quoted news story of a monkey picking stocks and iStockMonkey was born.

This iPhone App randomly selects a stock from the NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX stock exchanges. You can limit the random stock pool to any combination of the three exchanges. Also, if you wish to only consider S&P1000 stocks, you can do that to.

After selecting a stock, the App takes you to the configured website's information page on the stock. You can configure iStockMonkey to use Google, Yahoo, or one of several other websites. It's a fun iPhone App, complete with shaking, hooting, and silly monkey graphics.

It's not investment advice! But given recent events, I can't see how iStockMonkey's results can be much worse than the experts. A good iPhone App for learning about stocks.

Brilliant HTML & CSS

This book is part of Pearson Education Limited's Brilliant series, released in the United Kingdom. This book was my first book, and I learned a lot about the writing and copyediting process.

It was a fun one to write. It covers HTML and CSS.Brilliant HTML and CSS Each topic is a numbered exercise, where you complete the steps, and learn the concepts involved. It is full-color too, so it's a visually appealing book, and the publishers used high-quality, glossy paper and binding. This is a good book for beginners that want to quickly pick up HTML and CSS, with minimal extraneous discussion.

Web Design in Simple Steps

web design web development html cssThis book is part of Pearson Education Limited's Simple Steps series, released in the United Kingdom. This book was my second book and also a lot of fun to write. Although a beginner book, it takes a different approach than most web design books. In this book I stress how a web site must offer a service, no matter how humble, to its users. Each chapter is comprised of multiple sections. Each section presents a step or a best practice. There are lots of examples from real world web sites that show how to do things correctly. It's a great book for beginners, and I believe it has something to offer advanced developers too.

Objective-C for iPhone Developers: A Beginner's Guide

This is a book that was fun writing. This book is a prequel to the iPhone book, and covers Objective-C much more thoroughly than the iPhone Book. Like the iPhone book, this book takes a tutorial approach. Each tutorial has a video that you can watch online at Vimeo, or you can pay a nominal charge and download the iPad App.

SOA/Java/XML/etc. (My Day Job)

What can I say about my day job? It's pretty standard fare: J2EE with lots of XML. I do know a thing or two about SOA, webservices, and all that good stuff. I change jobs about every two years, as that's about the average project's lifecycle. I'm not loyal to companies, but very loyal to projects - the way it should be. But this website isn't about SOA, Java, XML, or my philosophy on corporations; it's about my moonlighting as a computer book writer and iPhone developer.

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