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We designed EZ-BIKE and EZ-BIKE LT to be easy. Too many ANT+ sports watches, bike computers, and other equipment are needlessly complex. EZ-BIKE maintains simplicity, while still providing a fully-functional cycling computer. And let's face it, most folks just want a diversion while training indoors. Sure they want to keep their heart rate at N level for N minutes, but when it comes right down to it, the "hang a camera off your bumper" cycling videos, the Coach Troy Spinervals, or the Sufferfest videos are at their root, a diversion to help the time pass quicker. Before, you had no option for watching one of these videos with your statistics displayed on your screen. Look down, look up, repeat... Well now you can watch videos on your iMac or MacBook AND see your statistics superimposed over the video. And it is available for a very low price!

EZ-BIKE is a full-featured cycling computer for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It uses an ANT+ heart rate monitor belt and an ANT+ combined speed/cadence sensor to record heart rate, speed, and cadence while cycling. The easy to read display includes heart rate, speed, distance, and cadence. There is also a stopwatch so you can record your workout. EZ-BIKE is audible. You can set EZ-BIKE to tell you your heart rate, speed, and cadence every "N" seconds. And if you own a Mac, you can install the free EZ-DESKTOP desktop component to see the statistics on top of your favorite video.


EZ-BIKE requires a Wahoo Fitness Fisica. You can buy a Fisica directly from Wahoo Fitness's website. EZ-BIKE also requires an ANT+ heart rate monitor belt. EZ-BIKE can use your phone's GPS or an ANT+ combined speed/cadence sensor to capture speed and cadence. The sensor is more accurate than the GPS. Of course, if you plan on using an iPod Touch or monitoring your cadence, you must buy the combined speed/cadence sensor. Both the heart rate belt and combined speed/cadence sensor are available at Wahoo Fitness's online store.

One thing to notice about EZ-BIKE and Wahoo Fitness's Fisica, is that there are no subscriptions involved. Once you purchase something, you should not be charged again. You are not required to pay a subscription fee to use EZ-BIKE nor to use Wahoo Fitness's Fisica. This is a big difference from some of our more pricey competitors who are in effect, telling you that you are renting the software not purchasing it. And your not forced to create a user login before even using the application! Besides, if your serious about tracking your fitness you really should be using TrainingPeaks. But you can just post to Facebook or review the workout summary page if that's all you wish to monitor.

If you do track your workout's data, than you can upload your data to TrainingPeaks.

Of course, if you don't analyze your workouts, but still wish a summary of how you did, then you can review a summary in EZ-BIKE and then post it to your Facebook account. More options will be forthcoming in future versions of EZ-BIKE.



EZ-BIKE requires the Wahoo Fitness Fisica. It also requires an ANT+ heart rate monitor belt. If using an iPod Touch, EZ-BIKE requires an ANT+ combined speed/cadence sensor. Of course, if you wish to monitor cadence, you must buy a speed/cadence sensor. Even if using an iPhone with GPS, a sensor is recommended for more accurate measurement. And of course, indoor training requires a sensor.


EZ-BIKE LT is free. Although you can use it without timeout, when recording a workout, EZ-BIKE LT only records for up to 60 minutes. Also, you cannot upload your results to TrainingPeaks or Facebook when using EZ-BIKE LT. If none of these limitations are an issue, then feel free to use EZ-BIKE LT indefinitely. But do us a favor and visit a few of the sponsor ads from time to time so we can get paid. Also, when using EZ-DESKTOP with EZ-BIKE LT, there is an "always on top" add on your computer's screen also.

EZ-BIKE is the full version of EZ-BIKE LT. It is nominally priced. EZ-BIKE has no advertisements, workouts do not time out at 60 minutes, and you can upload your results to TrainingPeaks and Facebook. When using EZ-DESKTOP with with EZ-BIKE, there is no advertisement.


We are confident after comparing EZ-BIKE LT to other software on the App Store you will buy EZ-BIKE. EZ-BIKE is easy to use, affordably priced, and it works. There are no subscriptions nor are there any "schemes" to force you into using an online service. What you see is what you get. And how many other bike computers allow you to watch videos on your iMac or MacBook while working out indoors?